What kind of products do you offer?

We show you any kind of sex toys to fulfill your needs an desires, no matter your inclination or fetish. Vibrators, masturbators, penis rings, dildos, BDSM, anal and more. But we do not focus only on sex toys. The adult industry offers a lot of variety and different kind of products to provide you and/or your couple with the most enjoyable experience.

That is why we thrive in presenting the best combination of every kind of products, from massagers to lubricants, oil, accessories, games, enhancers and more.

The largest variety of sex shop items

Why do I change sites when I want to buy the product? Are you not a store?

We do not sell any product directly. What we do is aggregate the products from different stores to bring you more options that any single one would by itself, and give you the possibility the find the cheapest price of them.

Unlike a standard sex shop that has to order and store products, pay rent and staff, add a commission to their price to keep their business going, we direct you as close to the source as possible and try to find you the best price. Period. That is why do not sell ourselves.

We can then focus on bringing you variety and insight. When you are ready to order, you'll be redirected to the merchant that best suits your needs.

If you're wondering how we make money, we only rely on a commission on the orders you make. To do that we have to strictly select any catalog we want to be associated with and only display providers we trust. Also there is no additional fee for you as you pay the exact same price you would have if you had visited them directly.

Working together