Our Mission

Bringing you the best deals

SexShop-Toys-Online.com is a Website. Just a website. No physical store, no warehouse, no marketer. What we do is simple: Find the best shops that deliver in your area, provide you with a complete list of products for each of them, let you make the best choice for your needs and budget.

Directly from the Store to your Door. And from the door to your bedroom... or whichever room your want, that is not our business anymore!

Our M.O.

To show you the best prices we rely heavily on:

Online-only Stores: Those stores do not need overhead to pay rent and staff, they just select and sell you the product you want and deliver it to your door in the most efficient and confidential way possible.

Direct from Manufacturer: Well this is a no-brainer! If you there is a possibility to order directly from the manufacturer all the "middleman's money" stays where? Yes! In your pockets! Provided you still have your pants on, of course...